How I Found Value Point Distribution and How they Earned my Loyalty

Having just extended our home and added backyard space, I wondered how to maximize the outdoor living experience that this new opportunity has. Since my partner and I both love gathering with the family and party with friends, we decided that adding an outdoor tub is just the perfect thing!

So I started looking for a nice place where I could get a hot tub. The first thing that I thought about was going to the nearest home and bath shop and see what’s in store for us. I was approached by a salesman who showed me some of their offerings as soon as I got in, but just a few seconds into the introduction, he became more nagging than helpful, pushing me into buying a model which seemed just too overboard for our needs and budget.

I left quite disappointed and hurried back home to ask friends online on where I can get one conveniently. I had a couple of recommendations from friends, but the one that stood out was from my employer, who got his portable spa unit at, a popular e-commerce site which provided luxury outdoor living goods at the best possible price.

His suggestion got my attention, but the thought made me raise an eyebrow too. I mean, luxury pretty much means the same as expensive, right? This prompted me to research more about the company before looking at what they have to offer. To my amazement, the CEO behind the company is actually partners with the top manufacturers of hot tubs and other home essentials, so he is able to get the products straight from their factories before selling them to consumers. This makes perfect sense as the process helps them eliminate the middlemen who get between the trade only adds more to the costs.

The company lived up to their promise, when I saw the X-500, a new and luxurious Dream Maker Spa which they offer at $3,499 – over 200 bucks less than the one sold in the local market. This 5-seater plus full lounger feature is a powerhouse by having strong 13 jets (plus waterfall) but powered by an economical 1.5 horsepower pump. Plus, the 0% sales tax and free shipping which definitely means bigger savings for us!

My partner and I jumped on this wonderful opportunity because as we have experienced, nothing beats the saving that the company offers us. When I finally ordered the bath tub, they had it delivered in just 5 days, which is really impressive given that the cargo is no small and lightweight package. The only trouble I had is when I overlooked the fact that value point distribution doesn’t handle the installation, but fortunately they have a customer service on standby who helped me with every step of the installation until I had it working properly.

Certainly, the company has proved its guarantee of delivering high quality luxury living products at the lowest possible price. They also have a customer service team which is dependable, which is another reason why they easily outshine their contemporaries. Thanks to my boss, I now have an E-commerce store that I can trust when it comes to getting all my outdoor living needs!

Author of this article is Brad Murray.

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